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How Doctor Web can help

Data decryption is not a trivial task. Judge for yourself:

It will take 107,902,838,054,224,993,544,152,335,601 years to simple search a key to restore files compromised by Trojan.Encoder.741, provided that 1,000,000,000 (109) variants are examined every second (some believe that the world is more likely to end first).

To restore files compromised by only two Trojan.Encoder versions, Doctor Web's security researchers had to run the decryption procedure approximately 245 times. Eventually this effort only yielded partial success in restoring files encrypted by one of the Trojans. And to decrypt files encrypted by a Trojan of the family BAT.Encoder, they'll need to multiply that number by 256.

User feedback on forums indicates that files compromised by some Trojan versions (e.g., 293, 741, 567, 225—and this is not a complete list) can be decrypted only by Doctor Web's security experts.

As soon as Doctor Web's virus laboratory finds a key to decrypt files that have been rendered inaccessible by a new Trojan modification, Doctor Web instantly notifies users about it in a news post.

Decryption is available free of charge to users of commercial Dr.Web licenses.

The utilities designed by Doctor Web to restore data corrupted by various versions of encryption ransomware incorporate over 1,000 keys! The complexity of the decryption procedure once again proves that using Dr.Web Security Space to prevent damage from happening is easier that dealing with the aftermath of an infection.