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At first glance, the illegal use of content (piracy) on the Internet—not only images, articles, books, music and films, but also logos and brand names—has nothing to do with anti—virus security.

However, in most cases sites that illegally distribute the fruits of others' intellectual labour or the brand-related assets of other companies also spread Trojans and other malware.

Careless users download pirated content containing a malicious bonus. Sometimes simply loading a page of such a pirated site is enough to pick up an infection—one needn’t download anything. Also, pirates often forge their sites to look like those belonging to known content copyright holders, and an inexperienced user may not even suspect that they are downloading files illegally—so users are lured into an unintentional violation of the law, making them accomplices to an administrative misdemeanour or sometimes a felony.

To help Dr.Web users reduce risks mentioned above and assist copyright owners in protection of their assets, the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate (part of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite, Comprehensive protection) incorporates a special database containing entries to block access to resources infringing the copyright and notify users with the following message: URL is blocked due to a notice from copyright owner."

On this page, any web content copyright owner can fill out and send a request to Doctor Web regarding infringement of their copyright to the content on the Internet, then the specified URL can be added into the database of Dr.Web SpIDer Gate and the notification wording will be "URL is blocked due to a notice from copyright owner". Users who have enabled this option (provided that it is available in the Dr.Web product they are using) will learn about this in a message and will not be able to load content located at the address specified by the copyright owner.

File a claim regarding the illegal use of content