Myths about anti-viruses

Vox populi

Is it really true that viruses don’t exist?

True False
15.4% 84.6%

On average, how many new malicious programs, most of which are Trojans, appear each month?

Dozens Hundreds Thousands Millions
12.5% 19.3% 31.1% 37.1%

Do anti-virus companies develop malware?

Yes No
48.8% 51.2%

Who actually writes malware?

Lone virus makers Criminal groups of programmers
22.5% 77.5%

Why do people write malicious programs?

For fun For profit
11.5% 88.5%

What percentage of malware should be detected by an anti-virus at the moment of intrusion?

50% 90% 100%
18.7% 35.4% 45.9%

Can you always tell when a system has been infected?

True False
20.2% 79.8%

Do anti-viruses detect malicious programs only by their signatures?

False True
82.3% 17.7%

If the database lacks a definition for a particular malware program, does the anti-virus have to detect it using heuristic technologies?

False True
28.6% 71.4%

What is an anti-virus’s main task?

To prevent infection To cure viruses
84.1% 15.9%

What additional software products should be used to help an anti-virus protect a computer against malware?

An anti-spyware program An anti-rootkit program
55.7% 44.3%

What could be an excuse for not installing an anti-virus?

The operating system (Linux or Mac OS X) is secure Caution and vigilance are being observed
48.6% 51.4%

If a user doesn't visit bogus sites or open links in emails from unknown senders, do they still need an anti-virus?

Yes, they do No, they don't
87.6% 12.4%

Does a computer need an anti-virus if it's only used for gaming?

Yes, it does No, it doesn\’t
87.5% 12.5%